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Yvaral, Jean Pierre Vasarely, Interference C

Yvaral,Original relief kinetic steel rope, Interference C Jean Pierre Vasarely YvaralOriginal relief kinetic steel rope, Interference C
Artiste: Yvaral, Jean Pierre Vasarely (1934 - 2002)
Titre: Interference C
Original relief kinetic steel rope
Taille d'image: 9 7/16 in x 24 7/16 in x 24 7/16 in (24 cm x 62 cm x 62 cm)
Taille encadrée: BASE: 24 1/2 x 24 1/2 in (62.2 cm x 62.2 cm)
Edition: Denise Rene Edition
Condition: This work is in excellent condition
Article# 3150
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Description historique:

This original relief kinetic steel rope by Yvaral (Paris, 1934 - Paris, 2002) is from the Denise Rene Edition.

With the use of elastic bands combined with a series of regulated interlacing white lines painted upon black metal paneling, Interference C extends into the three-dimensional space of the viewer, breaking the traditional two-dimensional plane. This in turn allows for a different conversation to be created for its viewers and the space between them. The combined elements of white paint and black bands against a black background create a sense of motion; the optical effect is one of black ringlets pulsing against the metal panel, hypnotizing the viewer.


1) A Certificate of Authenticity will be included with the sale of the work.

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Jean Pierre Vasarely Yvaral biographie

Combining the poetry of geometry with figurative art, Yvaral has created a wholly original body of artworks that has received the praise of important critics and museum curators around the world.

Born in France, Yvaral grew up in a complete artistic ambiance.  Working alongside his father, Victor Vasarely, he discovered and explored the beauty of geometry in art.  The inspiration of the French Impressionists and Pointillists is evident in Yvaral's vibrant paintings.  The artist juxtaposes pure colors next to one another to achieve the illusion of three-dimensional forms.

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